The University has an emergency Notification System. The Official form of communication for the University is Email. The University has two sirens on campus to alert the campus community. The Emergency Notification System is integrated into the University e-mails system. It is also integrated into the following systems:

  • 2-Way Radio Integration
  • CCTV Integration
  • Existing PA Integration (All residence Halls, Harre Union,

Christopher Center, and Heritage Hall

  • Networked Fire Panels and the Non-Networked Fire Panels –

Stand Alone Systems

  • PC Alerts
  • Telephone Integration Text To Speech (TTS)
  • RSS feed to the social network site Twitter. (See Below to setup access)

Additional communication devices may also be used to inform the campus community as needed. Such as:

  • Siren
  • Bull Horn/Squad Car public address
  • Fire Alarm
  • Local Media
  • 2 Way Radios
  • National Weather Radios

To receive SMS emergency alerts via Twitter please sign up. SMS should not be considered a primary form of emergency communication but only a supplemental resource.

Where twitter is a free service there may be a charge for texting unless you already have it as part of your cellular phone service plan. The main twitter page is

Once the account is open, you will need to become a follower of the following link.!/valpoalert To get the alert text make sure that you have checked the box to allow text postings to forward to your phone.

Sign up for our Valpo Alerts Twitter Feed

Please consider subscribing to the Valpo Twitter Alert feed as an effective way to quickly get emergency information during a crisis. Click here for more information about Twitter and how to sign up for this alert.