• Under all circumstances, attempt to stay calm and be alert to situations that you can exploit to your advantage. Remember that the primary objective of law enforcement officials will be to secure your safe return as quickly as possible.
  • No matter how “reasonable” your captors may appear on the surface, they cannot be trusted to behave normally and their actions may be unpredictable.
  • Comply with the instructions of your abductors as well as you can.
  • Do not discuss what action your family, friends or employer may take.
  • Make a mental note of all movements including time in transit, direction, distance, speed, landmarks along the way, special odors, and sounds.
  • Whenever possible, take note of the characteristics of your abductors, their habits, surroundings, speech mannerisms, and the contacts they make. Such information can be of great value in their ultimate apprehension.
  • Generally, you cannot expect to have a good opportunity to escape; any attempt to escape, however, should not be made unless it is indicated that your life is in imminent danger. Carefully calculate the best possible odds for success.
  • Avoid making provocative remarks to your abductors. As noted, they may be unstable individuals who react explosively and are likely to be violent and abusive.
  • Try to establish some kind of rapport with your captors.

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