Career development is an essential process that your student will continue to undergo throughout his or her life. It is not a one-time decision — there are a number of factors involved in an individual’s choice of vocation, and each person’s career journey is unique. Our goal is to facilitate students’ self-awareness and equip them with the skills needed to research the ever-changing world of work so that they can make informed, discerning choices regarding their occupational pursuits.

Students are exponentially more likely to succeed and find satisfaction in their lives if they are pursuing a vocation that reflects their personality, interests, values, and strengths. Many parents place a good deal of pressure on students to major in something that will “get you a job”; this thinking, however, is inherently short-sighted and does not account for the myriad of other factors that influence sustainable career success.

The majority of career paths in the global economy can be undertaken by people from any particular academic background, and most employers are much more concerned with job seekers’ “soft skills” than what they may have studied in college. Certainly, some majors offer a specific credential that is required for entry into certain fields (think nursing, engineering, accounting, etc.), but the choice of academic major and the choice of career are often two separate exercises. Both decisions require careful forethought and consideration, and we aim to help our students become self-efficacious in their career planning throughout their lives.

We sometimes get requests from parents concerning their student’s academic record, visits to our Center, or content of career counseling sessions. Because we are part of an educational institution, and members of the NACE and NCDA, we must follow strict guidelines concerning the release of student information. Please review the links below for more information: