A resume helps you market yourself to employers and, more importantly, obtain interviews. It should be both thorough and concise, and it should highlight your education, experience, skills, and accomplishments in order to distinguish you from other applicants and to attract an employer’s attention. While your resume might not be solely responsible for securing a job or internship, it’s an essential component of your search process.

The most important aspect of your resume is content; it must contain relevant information that gives an employer a clear sense of who you are as a student, an individual, and a potential employee. A close second priority is appearance; a resume must look professional, since it’s the first impression an employer will have of you. It must have no spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors, and it should be organized in a highly legible and visually appealing format.

For assistance with your resume, you can:

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  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Center staff member.