Job Search

Job searching can be a daunting task for any student. No matter what your job search goals are, the Career Center can help in many ways. We can:

  • Point you to the correct resources to identify job opportunities, including online and networking search strategies.
  • Suggest and help you research companies of interest.
  • Connect you with alumni who may be working in your field or industry of interest.
  • Assist you in preparing application materials or enhancing your interview skills.
  • Help you with decision-making, negotiating offers, and relocation planning.

Job Search Steps:

Know what interests you and what you are good at

Prior to visiting the Career Center, know what kinds of opportunities or companies that you are interested in. Even if you have a long list, we can help you by narrowing it down. If you have no idea, we can help with that too. Additionally, begin reflecting on your talents and skills. This will help you paint a better picture of what jobs will be a good fit.

Begin searching for and identifying opportunities

  • Use your professional network.┬áReach out to faculty, staff, alumni, classmates, friends, and family to ask for informational interviews and to learn more about opportunities of interest (Hint: Use the Find Alumni tool on LinkedIn to see common career paths of Valpo grads).
  • Access job search websites to identify opportunities. Start with the Career Center’s own resource, Handshake. After that, access more job boards at this link.
  • Create a target list of employers in your geographic area of interest. Then reach out directly.

Create targeted resumes and cover letters (Hint: The number one mistake made by job seekers is sending generic job search documents).

Practice your interviewing skills. Consider doing a mock interview with our office.