Part-Time Employment or Internship at Chimacum Woods Nursery in Port Ludlow, WA

Part-time employment or Internship at

Chimacum Woods – A Rhododendron Nursery

2722 Thorndyke Road, Port Ludlow, WA 98365

We are looking for a person who would live in a nice two-bedroom apartment in the woods on our nursery property and in return provide us with 75 hours of nursery and light forestry work per month.  Person would need some form of income from another part-time position in the area and would need a car.  Person should have good communication skills, be willing to learn the ins and outs of growing species rhododendrons and maintaining them, particularly in the winter months. You would enjoy an open and inclusive workplace. This position has growth potential or could be structured as an internship.  We are located in rural Western Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula in a fairly remote location. Access to great hiking and other outdoor activities. Please call or text Bob at 206-383-2713 or email

Date posted: 9/11/19