Guidelines for the Caterpillar Award

Nomination Process:

The campus community will be informed about the award and nomination process via an article in the Campus Newsletter, campus-wide email, and the Torch.

Screening Committee Structure:

Each screening committee will be composed of three full-time faculty members and two student members.  The faculty-student committee selection process is not defined by the Committee to Enhance Learning and Teaching.  Colleges with small faculty numbers may elect to request faculty who serve an adjunct role within that unit to serve as members of the screening committee.

Each college screening committee may choose to have the finalist(s) not selected to receive the award for teaching excellence, automatically resubmitted as a finalist during the next two successive years.  After that time, however, the committee must reconsider this candidate(s) along with other new nominations.

Documentation Requirements:

Once selected by the college committee, each finalist should be asked to address these questions, responding with a total not to exceed 1,000 words:

  1. What is your image of a master teacher, and how is it reflected in your teaching?
  2. What do you do to help students come to share your enthusiasm for learning in your discipline?
  3. What innovative teaching methods or tactics have you used, and how successful have they been?
  4. How do you attend to your students' personal and/or spiritual and/or moral development?

Other documentation requirements shall include:

  1. Current resume.
  2. Nominator's letter of support.
  3. Supporting case developed by the college screening committee.

Nominating materials should be brief and to the point.  Do not submit "raw" student evaluations.  Make the case for this college's nominee(s) - directly and concisely.