The Teaching/Learning Expense Grants program is designed to assist faculty members to meet expenses which occur in connection with course development and teaching enhancement (e.g., creating a video for a course, developing computer-assisted testing; non-travel costs in connection with attending workshops specifically related to teaching and learning; acquiring special training necessary for teaching some skill or method; purchase of materials, equipment, software, or artifacts which are not appropriately paid for out of departmental or college budgets; faculty seminars for departments or colleges of the university).  In addition, funds may be made available to compensate a faculty member who participates in a team-taught course but is not the instructor of record who receives load credit for the course.  Please note:  these grants are specifically intended to compensate faculty for expenses.  Proposals which seek stipends as compensation for time will not be considered, except in the case of team-taught courses.


All full-time faculty members, as well as part-time faculty who have taught at Valparaiso University for at least three years and are returning for the subsequent year are eligible to apply for these Expense Grants.  While such a statement is not normally expected, the Committee reserves the right to request that applicants submit a statement of support from their respective deans or department chairs.


Normally the Committee will award $5,000 each semester in Teaching/Learning Expense Grants; expense grants typically are made in the amount of $500 or $1,000; team teaching grants will be in an amount equal to overload pay at the applicant's rank.

If the Committee does not receive enough applications, or if not enough applications are deemed worthy of an award, the full budget will not be spent in that year. 

Examples of Past Awards

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Carter Hanson:  Electronic Dance Music
Andrew White:  Yoga Mats
George Pati:  Flat-Bed Scanner
Gregory Maytan:  Violin Bow
Allison Schuette:  Guest Lecturer
Alan Kraft:  Oscilloscope
Teresa Bals-Elsholz:  Classroom Jeopardy
Kevin Geiman:  Field Ecology Courses
David Scupham:  Fossil Hominid Skull Reproductions