Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients (Formerly Called the Caterpillar Award)
Year              Name                  College
1995-1996 Kenneth Klein
Arts & Sciences
1996-1997 Fred Niedner
Arts & Sciences
Books and lunch discussion for faculty on college teaching
1997-1998 Paul Contino
Christ College
1998-1999 Janet Brown
Workshop for faculty on distance learning initiatives
1999-2000 Daniel Hart
Chaired a week-long workshop to improve the freshman engineering experience
2000-2001 Bart Wolf
Arts & Sciences Equipment purchase
2001-2002 Elise Alverson
Sponsored professional presentation seminar
2002-2003 John Ruff
Arts & Sciences
Book purchase for reading groups and tickets to Maya Angelou event for faculty
2003-2004 Shirvel Stanislaus        
Arts & Sciences Laptop purchase for interactive teaching
2004-2005 Mary Christ
Business Adm. Teaching Resource Center presentation
2005-2006 Theresa Kessler
Workshop on how students learn in order to improve teaching strategies
2006-2007 Mark Farmer
Arts & Sciences
Hosted pedagogical seminar on teaching strategies
2007-2008 Kristen Mauk
Presentation by missionary who spent time in New Guinea translating Bible for tribe with no previous written language
2008-2009 Kevin Hoffman
Christ College
Purchased Ken Bain's book What the Best College Teachers Do for new faculty
2009-2010 Jaishankar Raman           
Arts & Sciences
Purchased netbook for classroom teaching in Economics Dept. and purchased Ken Bain's book for new faculty
2010-2011 Sandra Strasser
Purchased virtual 4th row video display for the remote access classroom in College of Business
2011-2012 Scott Duncan Engineering Items for the Hesse Center to improve tutoring skills and encourage students on how to be successful
2012-2013 Linda Ferguson Arts & Sciences Host guest scholar in support of the Bach Institute's full performance of J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor
2013-2014 Mark Budnik Engineering James Songster and Arthur Thomas of Magic and Mayhem Productions presented a mini-workshop on “Integrating Creativity and Teamwork into the Classroom.”
2013-2014 Lissa Yogan Arts & Sciences
2013-2014 Kevin Jantzi Arts & Sciences Purchased "clickers" that faculty can use to assess student learning in the classroom.
2014-2015 Stacy Maugans Arts & Sciences
2014-2015 Shahin Nudehi Engineering
2014-2015 Jan Westrick Arts & Sciences
2015-2016 Douglas Tougaw Engineering N/A
2015-2016 Robert Clark Arts & Sciences N/A
2016-2017 Zuhdi Aljobeh Engineering N/A
2016-2017 Sandra Bleza Nursing & Health Professions N/A
2016-2017 George Pati Arts & Sciences N/A