Hear and see the story of Martin Luther and the start of the Reformation, like you’ve never experienced it before.

“Luther: The Rock Opera” is coming to Valparaiso University on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, at 1 p.m. Union Ballroom. Admission: Any donation to Lutheran World Relief. No charge for students. Approved for Core 110 and Core 115.

A stormy monk uttered three words, as the medieval world ended and the modern world began. Martin Luther spoke truth to power when, in 1517, he posted 95 theses on a church door in Wittenberg, in 1521 when, at the Imperial Diet at Worms, he stood up against injustice, and many other times throughout his influential life. The viral social media of Luther’s day (pamphlets) met cutting-edge technology (moveable type) to power the movement. Although much has changed over the last 500 years, this is a story that could have been written repeatedly in our own time: A progressive movement, a charismatic leader, and viral social media powered by new technology, come together to challenge injustice and usher in a new era. Yet, the right to be heard was not part of the culture when Luther took the bold step to stand up to the authorities of his day. He set off a chain of events, and inspired a series of followers to mold the next five centuries of western civilization.

In “Luther: The Rock Opera,” Lost And Found tell the story of the start of the Reformation through 24 songs with projected images directly from the pages of Luther, the graphic novel, by Rich Melheim. After Michael and George gave up full-time touring in 2015, Rich asked them to write some music to tell the story in the novel. The songs they wrote became this show. The show debuted in Wittenberg, Germany in 2017 and now Michael and George, though not back to touring, are performing it at select locations in the US in 2019.

Like all Lost And Found shows, Luther: the Rock Opera, is family-friendly, interactive, and casual.

Luther: The Rock Opera
Words and Music by Lost And Found
based on Luther, the graphic novel, by Dr. Rich Melheim
Illustrations by Jonathan Koelsch and Sherwin Schwartzrock
The Reformation continues. All are welcome.

This Valparaiso University event is sponsored by the Chapel of the Resurrection, the Center for Church Relations, the Emil and Elfriede Jochum Chair in Theology, and the Erich Markel Chair in German Reformation Studies.