A note from Valpo Parents in Prayer:

We are excited to launch a private prayer page for parents of Valpo students. Parents in Prayer is a parent-run volunteer group. It is one way we can continue to support our students and school, while still allowing them the freedom to live independently day to day.

We desire our prayer group to be open to people of all denominations, all faiths, or no faith. We are of the philosophy that you can belong before you believe. Everyone is welcome as long as you are respectful and want to pray with us. Please be aware that several of us will be praying from a Christian perspective and using Jesus’ name.

Drop your prayer requests on the Facebook page and we will do our best to pray for them during the week and during our monthly Zoom call. Please be careful to keep some anonymity in your requests for our students when appropriate.

Use this Facebook link to get involved with Parents in Prayer.