The Child in Christian Thought

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This course was taught at Northwestern University.

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About the Instructor
Cristina Traina, Ph.D., is associate professor and director of graduate studies in the Department of Religion at Northwestern University. She is a student of Christian theology and ethics, with emphasis on Roman Catholic and feminist thought. Areas of special interest include childhood, sexuality and reproduction, environment, and the ethics of economic justice. She is the author of Natural Law and Feminist Ethics: the End of the Anathemas (Georgetown 1999). She is writing a book called The Sensual Mother: Maternal Experience and the Boundaries of Sexual Ethics, University of Chicago Press, forthcoming. Other recent and current projects include collaborative interdisciplinary research on religion and assisted reproduction and on the history of popular American religious views of the connection between marriage and sexuality, as well as work on the ethics of American economic dependence on low-wage domestic and foreign labor.

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