Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)
The CLTA is a group dedicated to helping Chinese language teachers across the nation. Their job board has many postings for employers looking for people with skill in Chinese and English. Check out their job board.

International Association of Chinese Linguistics
The International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) is a professional organization devoted to the promotion of scientific research on Chinese languages and their dialects. It has been incorporated in the State of California and approved as a 501-(c)-3 nonprofit organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service.
The IACL is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a president, a vice president, and 14 other members elected by vote of the general membership, and its functions and services are performed by the Secretariat, which consists of an executive secretary, a vice executive secretary, and a treasurer.


KCC Japanese Education Exchange

In 1997, Kobe College Corporation established the Graduate Fellowships Program to fund qualified graduate students for one year of research of study in Japan. Fellowships are for $24,000, one year, and nonrenewable. The purpose of the program is to support future American educators to become more knowledgeable about Japan. It is expected that recipients of these fellowships will return to the US to teach about Japan. While in Japan, fellowship recipients will be expected to visit Kobe (Jogakuin) College in Nishinomiya to give a presentation on the fellowship topic. Fellows will speak at a key meeting of KCC Japan Education Exchange in the U.S. upon completion of the fellowship year.

The Jet Program

The Jet Program
The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The program aims to enhance foreign language education in Japan and to promote international exchange at the local level through fostering ties between Japanese and foreign youth.