From April 4th through April 7th, 2018, Christ College students engaged in an academic journey at the 32nd Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research. NCUR 2018 was held at the University of Central Oklahoma. Professor David Western, Christ College faculty member and Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, helped the students prepare their presentations.

NCUR brings together more than 3,000 undergraduates from more than 300 colleges and universities across the country to present original research, scholarship, and creative work through oral presentations, posters, visual arts, and performances. All work is competitively reviewed and selected by experts in the field for presentation at the conference.

Students appreciate their opportunity to attend NCUR. Without the generous gifts from Christ College friends and alumni, students would have been unable to participate in this unique experience.

Participation in NCUR was made possible by generous gifts from alumni and friends to the Christ College Dean’s Annual Fund.

The following papers were accepted by NCUR:

Jewan Attallah ’18 The Representational Value of America: The Mystery Behind the Native American Illustrations During the American Revolution

Noelle Canty ’20 Women’s Rights in the Civil War Era: Reinterpretation of E.D.E.N. Southworth’s Britomarte Through Frances Cogan’s Model of Real Womanhood

Claire Ehr ‘19 Racially Motivated Slavery in the Modern United States: Does our Justice System Unfairly Incarcerate and Punish People Based on Race?

Taylor Justison ‘20 In His Image: A Question of Creation and Humanity’s Right to Inherent Dignity

Zachary Long ‘19 Japan’s Next Top Mascot: An Analysis of the Use of Character Marketing and Commercial Cute in Japan

Emily Neuharth ‘20 Effective Sincerity: On Catholic Private Prayer and the Poetry of Mary Karr

Rachel Sims ‘19 Effect of Soil Biota Presence and Absence on Lathyrus Japonicus Germination, Growth, and Dry Biomass