Selection and Admission

Christ College reviews the applications of students who have been accepted for admission to Valpo to identify those who have demonstrated academic ability, curiosity, creativity, and intellectual depth.

In the fall and early spring of a student’s senior year of high school, invitations to apply to Christ College are extended to a select number of students who have been accepted to Valpo and who fulfill the criteria of admission to Christ College:

  • Excellent high school record in challenging courses
  • Leadership in extracurricular and service activities
  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity

Upon invitation, candidates for admission to Christ College submit an application for review. Acceptances into Christ College are issued on a rolling basis. Our entering class is limited.

Students invited to apply to CC are encouraged to attend Honors Visit Day in February. Students interested in Christ College are welcome to visit any time. For more information or to request consideration for an invitation to apply please contact the Dean’s Office using the button below.