Students in the Freshman Program discover their classmates in CC are just as bright, engaged, and curious as they are. This brand new place feels like home.

Professor Julien Smith, Freshman Program Coordinator

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Throughout the two-semester Freshman Program sequence students read selected works of history, literature, drama, philosophy, and religion and consider closely the ideas that have shaped a range of traditions. Ideas are explored in many ways––through critical reading and close analysis of texts; through careful research and focused expository and persuasive writing; through scholarly lectures, faculty-guided small group discussion among classmates, and formal public debate (Oxford Debates); and through creative dramatic and musical expression (Freshman Production).

Works typically found on the freshman program syllabus include:

  • Plato The Trial and Death of Socrates
  • Aeschylus II: The Oresteia
  • Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics
  • Genesis: Translation and Commentary
  • Confucius The Essential Analects
  • Mencius: Basic Writings
  • ​Xunzi: Basic Writings
  • Zhuangzi: Basic Writings
  • Saint Augustine Confessions
  • Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • ​Machiavelli The Prince
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