Haiku Contest October 2018

Each fall, the freshman class participates in a poetry contest.

In the early years of its existence, the poetic and literary form of choice for this contest was the limerick.  But gradually a consensus emerged that given the incorporation of non-Western texts in the Freshman Program it would be good to draw on an East Asian literary tradition as well.  So for eleven years now, the entries in the Poetry Contest have followed a great Japanese poetic genre – the haiku.  The freshman whose haiku is chosen “lights the fire” in the Commons for the first time of the year.  This year’s winner joins the pantheon of poetry writers who have come before them, including:

The Winner: beautiful, wise, allusive

CC Freshman – Ashlee Pendleton

Title: The Hearth

The hearth; dead and cold, 
Hestia mourns its ashes…
Fire brings life to all.

First runner up: beautiful wisdom

Title: Overcast Autumn

CC Freshman – Aidan Doyle

A grey sky stands still,
A moment outside of time.
Use it, catch your breath.

Second runner up: beautiful realism

CC Freshman – James Baur

Writer and thinker
Dreamless night of deepest thoughts
Oh! Ramen is done


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