In celebration of Valparaiso University’s 150th anniversary, members of the University community have written a new prayer book that is available for purchase and is being supplemented by an interactive online prayer community.

In Thy Light We See Light: The Valparaiso University Prayer Book, published in the summer of 2008, is intended to serve as a trusted conversation partner that can both comfort and stimulate its readers in the grandest of times as well as during times of despair. The book has been published by the University with funding provided by the University Guild.

It includes prayers related to faith and learning, stress and struggle, giving thanks, relationships, and sorrow and loss, along with prayers for Valparaiso’s leaders and traditional campus events such as Advent Vespers. Also contained in the book are examples of varied ways of praying and how one can practice these different approaches.

Copies of In Thy Light We See Light: The Valparaiso University Prayer Book are $10 and may be purchased at the University Book Center on campus or online. The prayer book also is being distributed to all Valparaiso students, faculty, and staff.

Supporting the prayer book is an online community in which members can post prayer requests, meet prayer partners, learn about ways to pray, view prayer resources, and invite their friends. All are welcome to join the community.

Rev. Jim Wetzstein, associate University pastor, worked with Valparaiso’s information technology staff to develop the prayer book’s online companion.

“We see this online community as a way of fostering another form of devotional life,” Rev. Wetzstein said. “Anyone can join and interact with other people in their prayer life at any time, no matter where they are. Providing a place such as this where community members pray for one another can be very helpful for people in their spiritual life.”

In addition to posting prayer requests publicly on the Web site, Rev. Wetzstein said members will be able to keep a private online prayer journal. Suggestions for daily Bible readings also will be shared with members.

“This is a way for Valparaiso to reach out and provide a service to the wider church,” Rev. Wetzstein said. “I hope our alumni, for example, will share this resource with their own congregations and invite them to come and see if it’s helpful to them.”

Bill Karpenko, retired director of church relations, served as editor of In Thy Light We See Light: The Valparaiso University Prayer Book, and prayers were contributed by numerous Valparaiso faculty, staff, students, and alumni.