Third Edition
By O.P. Kretzmann


Today our Lord Jesus has no eyes to look upon the burdened hearts of humanity but ours. He has no hands but ours. He has no lips but ours.

This is what makes life so tremendously important. Someone has to carry on for God. Someone has to bring into human life the destiny which the eternal councils of the living God planned before the foundation of the world. Someone has to know that life is more than hatred and competition. Someone has to hear the Word of love and bring it to others.

We have no purer and truer Gospel than this — the love of God in Christ, because in Christ sin is forgiven; and to bring to the hearts of men and women the love of God is to free them from sin.

Clouds of sin may rise from the earth. An ocean of despair may cover the life of our person. But God remembers that person is his child. God has give us the power to look heavenward from some arch of hope. If we are to carry out the eternal purposes of God in the world then we must know that the Road Back to God is the road of a love which will not let go. We must see heartache which follows the evening sun around the world. We must love men and women not for what they are, but for what God made them to be.

– O.P. Kretzmann
Excerpt from the re-edited “The Road Back to God,” a devotional resource for a new century of readers.

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