The Center exists to support students in:

  • Faith Formation
  • Vocational Discernment
  • Academic Excellence
  • Vocational Identity & Practice
  • Appropriate Self-Care
  • Service to Church & Society
  • Christian Community & Worship

The Center works cooperatively with many different people, programs, and organizations across campus to help students in their discernment and preparation for full time work in church and society. It works closely with the faculty and staff associated with the pre-seminary major, the youth, family, and education major, the church music major, education majors, the Lutheran Deaconess Association, and the Chapel of the Resurrection to coordinate events and activities for students interested in working in the 21st-century church.

In addition to the academic preparation of the students, the Center sponsors the Church Vocations Symposium, annual retreats for students, and other special events.

The Center, in cooperation with Valparaiso University’s Career Center, is a clearinghouse for churches and organizations looking for staff in variety of ministry settings.

Students seeking information about scholarships, seminaries, and graduate schools can talk with Center staff about opportunities, requirements, and deadlines.

For further information about Valparaiso University Church Vocations Programs, please contact Administrative Assistant, Doreen.