We know you may not have it all figured out just yet — and that’s okay! Your professors and advisors at Valpo are here to guide you.

Our Exploratory Program allows you to explore your options and interests before you select a major. Within two semesters, you’ll learn about yourself, select a major that is right for you, and embark on a path toward a career.

You’ll have the support, guidance, and tools to determine an academic major and make a smooth transition from Exploratory to your chosen degree-granting program. Most Exploratory students remain on a four-year graduation track, depending on when they declare a major.

As an Exploratory student at Valpo, you will

  • Discover your strengths, interests, and skills
  • Participate in individualized academic and career planning
  • Take self-assessments to learn about you
  • Research majors and related occupations

Discover your Passion

As an Exploratory student, you will receive personalized, one-on-one advising from an academic advisor. Together, you’ll go through an innovative process to learn about yourself and match that understanding to career and life goals.

Valpo’s Exploratory students enroll in GS 150: Exploratory Studies, a two-credit course designed to help students discover personal strengths, interests, beliefs, and values. You will conduct a concentrated exploration of academic majors. Students are guided to discern possibly academic, career, and vocational pathways through writing, films, discussions, and texts. The ultimate goal of the course is self-discovery.

You will receive one-on-one advising, and together you will go through an innovative process to learn about yourself and match that understanding to career and life goals. Your advisor will also ensure you choose courses to fulfill your General Education requirements, while gaining exposure to a variety of the 70 undergraduate degree programs and interdisciplinary options throughout our colleges.

In addition to academic advising, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with mentors and ask questions about different majors and career paths. You’ll work with Valpo’s Career Center to explore career options that fit your interests. Take advantage of networking events, occupational panels, job search preparation and strategies, and graduate and professional school advising.

You will also be connected to Valpo’s Institute for Leadership and Service, whose distinctive programs can help you expand your imagination about pursuing purposeful work and a meaningful life in response to the deepest challenges of our time. Through the Institute’s Pathways to Purpose Speaker Series, you’ll hear from dynamic Valpo alumni and other exemplary practitioners of leadership and service who will share their life and career lessons. You will be able to attend presentations given by professionals in various careers.

Along the way, you’ll build a community with your classmates and mentors, attend a campus retreat, listen to guest speakers, and be encouraged to participate in civic engagement. Your increased self-discovery will help you gain a greater understanding of your strengths, skills, and interests and how they can lead to a fulfilling career. You will graduate from Valpo completely prepared to lead and serve.

Explore & Discover: Academics at Valpo
Wondering about all of the majors Valpo has to offer? Knowing your academic options and discovering ways to pursue them are key pieces of your decision process. Through exploring your options, you might find majors you never knew existed and one that may fit perfectly for you.
What can I do with this major?
While a particular area of study may sound enticing, sometimes it is unclear how to turn an academic interest into a career. The Valpo Career Center is a helpful resource for career exploration, personality assessment, and matching career paths with relevant majors.
Institute for Leadership and Service
Discover what you’re most passionate about and how the world calls you to a life of purpose. The Institute for Leadership and Service is dedicated to preparing students for lives shaped by a sense of calling, equipped for thoughtful reflection, engaged in the larger world, and responsive to its deepest challenges.
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Nancy Scannell
Asst Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Tom Cath
Director, Career Center
Harre Union
Elizabeth Lynn
Director, IL&S
Helge Center