Minors for Non-Majors

An undergraduate business major is not the only route to a career in business: some fields require backgrounds in science, engineering, language or arts study, or social sciences. The College of Business offers a number of minors and a certificate program to Valpo students who are majoring in fields other than business.

Some of our minors plan to complete MBA degrees after graduating from college; others envision careers in public service, arts administration, or other fields in which an understanding of business concepts and practices is an invaluable addition to subject-matter expertise. These programs meet the needs of those students.

Fundamentals of Business Minor

This 18-credit program introduces Valpo students majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, or the College of Nursing and Health Professions to the basics of business environments. Fundamentals of Business Minor: Details »

Minor in Business Administration

A 27-credit program that covers all the major areas of coursework necessary to prepare a non-major for a masters’ program in business, this minor offers slightly more advanced preparation in business.
Minor in Business Administration: Details

Minor in Business Analytics

This 19-credit program helps students enhance their skills through the effective use of data. Business Analytics Minor: Details »

Certificate in Business Spanish

This certificate on a diploma assures potential employers that the graduate is able to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers, employees, and managers. Certificate in Business Spanish: Details »