The second annual Valpo STEM Faire was held on April 8, bringing together more than 300 members of the campus community and Northwest Indiana for a day of innovation and discovery. More than 20 booths filled the Athletics-Recreation Center, many of which included demonstrations as well as a participatory component. Valpo student organizations showcased a wide array of projects, ranging from circuit building activities to floating ping pong balls on hair dryers. Several middle school clubs were also present, exhibiting projects like LEGO robotics and origami. Notably, Caterpillar Inc. impressed with a catapult creation activity, Valpo’s Society of Automotive Engineers showed off a working formula car, and the Valpo Rocket Club successfully launched a soda bottle rocket.

Several of our Valpo alumni family returned to take on current students in a Valpo Robotic Football scrimmage. Hats off to the current students who won handily in a 36 to 22 victory. The STEM Ensemble made their second appearance at the STEM Faire, performing the National Anthem prior to the robotic football scrimmage and manning a booth where participants created their own chord to be played by the ensemble.

Thanks to the organizations — Valpo Robotics as well as Valparaiso University student chapters of the Society of Women Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — that helped host this event along with the College of Engineering.

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