A tour of the Valpo Solar Energy Research Facility

Introducing Mechatronics

Beginning in fall 2020, the College of Engineering will offer a minor in mechatronics, a rapidly growing field that includes strong influences from mechanical and electrical systems.

Mechatronics is an exciting, versatile field, with a wide variety of career paths. With the increasing worldwide dependence on household, workplace, and industry robotics and automation, Valpo’s minor in mechatronics will build upon the foundations of students’ passions and open doors to new opportunities that are appearing every day.

“The mechatronics minor will provide mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering majors a great opportunity to develop skills at the intersection of these disciplines,” says Scott Duncan, Ph.D., professor and chair of mechanical engineering and bioengineering. “Imagine how valuable an engineer would be who can combine a knowledge of mechanical systems with electrical systems and programming skills. Students who complete the mechatronics minor will have this knowledge and will be prepared for exciting careers in robotics, automation, controls, etc.”

Students will explore the relationship between mechanical and electrical engineering. They will participate in hands-on projects and examine the fundamentals of robotics, automation, programmable logic controllers, and more. With the technical expertise and creative thinking fostered in the College of Engineering, students with the mechatronics minor will be at the forefront of innovative groundbreaking technology that will improve the everyday lives of people around the world.

Students will have the flexibility to delve into studies from a new perspective, exploring concepts from multiple engineering disciplines that will have direct application to their careers post-graduation.

From start-ups to manufacturing companies and everything in between, Valpo graduates with a minor in mechatronics will be prepared for impactful, creative, and strong career opportunities that will make the world a better place.