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Engineering PLUS Provides Flexibility in Coursework

The Engineering PLUS program provides students the opportunity to customize their degrees to match their interests and career aspirations. Students in the program can graduate in four years, earning a Bachelor of Science in bioengineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, or mechanical engineering and a compatible major or minor.

“Some students will add a complementary major or minor to make themselves more marketable to potential employers, while others will use the flexibility to spend a semester abroad or to lighten their academic load during semesters when their sport is in season,” says Doug Tougaw, Ph.D., P.E., Leitha and Willard Richardson Professor of Engineering and interim associate dean of engineering.

Students who participate in the Engineering PLUS program complete nine credit hours in approved courses in the summer between their freshman and sophomore years. Students are then able to adapt their coursework to adhere to their long-term interests and goals while still graduating in four years.

Engineering PLUS students can add a variety of majors and minors to supplement their engineering degrees. Minors in entrepreneurship, biology, chemistry, fundamentals in business, and computer science as well as complementary math degrees are just some of the approved offerings for students in the PLUS program.

“Whatever they choose, Engineering PLUS will give students the flexibility to achieve their personal goals,” Professor Tougaw says.