College of Nursing and College of Health Professionals students attend clinicals

Dual MSN / MHA

The College of Nursing and Health Professions and the Graduate School offer a special dual degree program whereby students may earn the MSN degree and the master of health administration (MHA) degree in approximately 18-24 months by applying a limited number of credits toward both degrees simultaneously. The curriculum is designed to prepare nurse leaders with a unique blend of interdisciplinary skills in both nursing education and health care administration.

Admission to the program is selective and requires that applicants meet the standard admission criteria of the MSN program and the Graduate School.  As individual degrees, the MSN is a 30-credit program; the MHA degree is a 39-credit program. The dual degree program allows completion of both degrees with 57 credits.

Completion of the following 27 credit hours is required for the MSN portion of the degree:

Course Requirements Credits
Biology 590 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology 3
Nursing 505 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators 3
Nursing 506 Pharmacologic Principles for Nurse Educators 3
Nursing 512 Organizational and Systems Leadership for Nurse Educators 3
Nursing 662 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
Nursing 651 Foundations of Nursing Education 3
Nursing 652 Evaluation in Nursing Education 3
Nursing 653 Leadership in Clinical Nursing Education (35 clinical clock hours) 3
Nursing 680 Direct Care Practicum (70 clinical clock hours) 3

Completion of the following 30 credits is required for the MHA portion of the degree:

Course Requirements Credits
Interprofessional Education
(Degree Master’s) 518
Global Health Issues 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 520
Financial Management 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 601
Research and Program Evaluation or Nursing 570 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 602
Managing and Analyzing Health Care Information 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 640
Quality Healthcare Management 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 650
Managing People and Human Resources 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 662
Health in the Community 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 670
Legal Issues in Health Care 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 675
Organizational and Government Policy in Health Care 3
Health Administration
(Degree Master’s) 688
Internship 3

A nursing lab fee is associated with NUR 505, NUR 653, and NUR 680. Students having significant administrative responsibilities through their ongoing professional employment may, with the MHA advisor’s approval, substitute an MHA elective for Health Administration (Degree Master’s) 688.

Application requirements for the MSN/MHA Dual Degree program can be found under the Admission tab on the MSN PLAN web page here.

MSN/MHA students are required to come to campus to attend new student orientation at the beginning of their program.

Prior to beginning clinical courses (NUR 505, 653, and 680), students must submit evidence of a current nursing license, medical/health insurance, CPR certification, TB skin test results, immunizations (Tdap, MMR, Hepatitis B, Varicella, and annual influenza), a statement of good health, clear criminal background check, and a negative drug screen. These items must be uploaded on a tracker purchased through the College of Nursing and Health Professions. The clinical clearance items must be updated annually and must be current through the end of the semester.

Additional state licensure is not associated with the MSN degree.

Completion of Valparaiso University’s CCNE-accredited MSN Program, with its Nurse Educator Focus, meets the educational requirements to apply for NLN CNE® and/or CNE®cl certification.