Students in the BSPH program who are eligible for admission to the BSPH/MPH 4+1 option will be invited to enroll in graduate level public health courses in their senior year if they have a 3.0 GPA, have earned grades of a C or better in science courses and courses required for the public health major, and have completed the program of study through the junior year. Students who are admitted into the BSPH/MPH 4+1 during their senior year will be admitted directly into the MPH upon graduation from the BSPH assuming they continue to meet the progression requirements.

Curricular Outline of the BSPH/MPH 4 +1 Senior Year Option

Fall, Senior Year Credits
Public Health 513 Social, Behavioral, & Cultural Factors in Health 3
Public Health 521 Environmental Health for a Sustainable Future 3
Public Health 460 Health Advocacy 3
Elective 3
Total Credits 12
Spring, Senior Year Credits
Public Health 470 Public Health Practicum 5
Public Health 480 Public Health Capstone 5
Public Health 503 Biostatistics 3
Public Health 590 Biological Basis of Disease 3
Total Credits 16
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