Certificate in Health Administration

12 Credits

The Certificate in Health Administration is intended for the working professional or graduate student interested in attaining an educational foundation and skill set in health administration. The certificate can enhance your professional experience and foundational base for advancement and diversity working in healthcare.  It also provides an opportunity to consider building on the certificate program to apply for entry into the MHA program with 12 credits completed of the 39 credits required for the MHA degree.  

Required courses for certificate:
Courses Credits
Health Administration 501 Understanding Health Care Organizations 3
Health Administration 520 Financial Management 3
Two courses from the following options:
Courses Credits
Health Administration 602 Managing & Analyzing Health Care Information 3
Health Administration 662 Health in the Community 3
Health Administration 640 Quality Health Care Management 3
Health Administration 670 Legal Issues in Health Care 3
Health Administration 671 Ethical Issues in Health Care 3
Health Administration 675 Organizational and Government Policy in Health Care 3
Total Credits 12