Sunday, December 15, 2019 – 2:30 p.m.
Chapel of the Resurrection

Lineup will be at the Chapel and Helge Center Multi Purpose Room.

At the direction of the marshals, please proceed to line up with your college, according to your degree, in alphabetical order. Marshals will be easily visible wearing gold regalia.

Upon arriving please request family members or friends to secure your personal belongings and put on your cap and gown.

Check your regalia to ensure it is the correct size and appropriate for your degree. The Bookstore in the Harre Union will be available to take care of any necessary adjustments.

Candidates for a graduate degree should be hooded prior to the procession.

Upon arriving, a marshal will hand you a name reader card indicating your name and degree. Use this card to line up in the marching order. You will later hand the name reader card to a marshal upon arriving at the top of the chancel.

The marching order for the procession will be Law School, Graduate School, then undergraduate students.

Honors: Students graduating with honors will be asked to stand as a group for recognition during the ceremony. Please check the Commencement program to see if your name is listed for honors.

Honors cords should be draped over or secured to your LEFT shoulder, with the exception of the College of Business wearing gold and blue cords, as they should be draped around the neck.

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