20150204-JLH-Yeohyun-Ahn-003Assistant Professor



B.A. in Computer Science – Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, South Korea
MFA in Information Design specialized in Graphic Art – Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, South Korea
MFA in Graphic Design specialized in Interactive Media – Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Md.


Yeohyun Ahn is a typographer, interactive visual designer, and educator in pursuit of visual innovation through the collaboration between art, design, and technology. Her works have been featured through PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review, the Creator’s Project, Designboom.com, Rhizome.org, Fascodesign.com, and Designtaxi.com, among others. Her writing has been published through Graphic Design: New Basics and Type on Screen by Princeton Architectural Press. Professor Ahn’s latest book, Data-Driven Graphic Design, features her code-driven typography. Her works have been exhibited in South Korea, Japan, and the United States. She was selected for the Asia Digital Art Awards in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. She received the Korean Honor Scholarship supporting talented and perspective Korean blood students in the U.S. from the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and a Graduate Fellowship from the Master of Fine Arts Program at Maryland Institute College of Art. She has worked as a freelance graphic artist in the New York Times Magazine. She has taught at Chicago State University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Websites: yeoahn.com and typeandcode.com

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