The communication department offers undergraduate majors and minors, graduate degrees and certificates, and course work for students majoring in other disciplines. 

Learning Objectives

Valpo’s communication programs immerse students in applied skills while helping them to think critically about the purposes of communication. Through communication coursework, students develop four core capacities:

Communicating Verbally and Visually

Valpo’s broad communication curriculum enhances students’ oral, written, and visual communication abilities. In an increasingly convergent media landscape, this is a crucial skill set.

Collaborating Across Diversity

Classroom projects and a number of student media outlets help students to collaborate effectively within and across diverse groups. Students can also enhance their experience through Valpo’s many off-campus study programs.

Thinking Critically

The communication curriculum invites students to research and analyze communication issues and practices. These experiences develop students’ awareness and critical thinking skills.

Understanding Communication in Context

At Valpo, students develop an understanding of the many and diverse aspects of the field of communication and its centrality to the human experience on a local and global level.

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