The best way to prepare for a career in communication is to practice! Gain experience now.

The department’s programs are built around the proven importance of hands-on experience. Through applied learning experiences on campus and beyond, Valpo students build their confidence, their skill set, and their résumés.

Applied Experiences

Valparaiso University’s many student-run media outlets offer positions (paid and unpaid) and valuable opportunities to try out new skills. Students are mentored by their peers and faculty advisors and have the chance to have their work published or broadcast. Learn more »
Through focused learning experiences in professional work environments, students build their skills, their confidence, and their résumés. The department requires all majors to complete an internship before graduation; students can use this to gain experience in any field related to the coursework in the communication department. Learn more »
Communication students are encouraged to study off campus, through urban study semesters in Chicago and Washington, D.C., or through the University’s many programs in other countries. These experiences broaden students’ worldview by introducing them to new communities and, often, new languages. In some programs, students are able to pursue communication-related internships. Learn more »


Proven Results

Through courses, positions on student media, internships, and independent projects, Valpo’s communication students build a portfolio of high-quality work. Samples of student work are collected in the online student showcase. View showcase »

Valpo graduates are found in every level of media, including national networks. Some of the University’s most visible alumni include Ginger Zee ’02, the chief meteorologist for Good Morning America, and Adam Amin ’09, a play-by-play announcer on ESPN. Learn more »

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Paul Oren, M.S.
"Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you’re looking for. We want students to take big risks and be willing to face tough challenges. When that happens, we help them get back up and keep going, which is what professionals have to do."