Communication is vital to every human endeavor — and valuable in a range of career fields.

At Valpo, communication students develop skills that will help them throughout their working life:

  • Conceiving, developing, and executing novel ideas
  • Writing professionally, vividly, and with humor
  • Working collaboratively and resolving conflicts
  • Integrating diverse elements from others’ ideas
  • Communicating with awareness of the target audience
  • Creating with attention to detail
  • Speaking fluently and engagingly

The department allows students to use state-of-the-art equipment and software, including the Adobe Creative Suite. Students also graduate with the capacity for lifelong learning that will keep them at the front edge of their field for years to come.

The opportunities are broad as students’ ambitions. Common paths for communication majors nationwide include:

Account executive
Broadcast journalist
Campaign director
Foreign service agent
Graphics and production
HR specialist
Meeting planner
Media agent
News analyst
Press secretary
Publicity director
Program coordinator
Sales representative

Businesses and institutions with particular interest in hiring communication specialists include:
Advertising agencies
Cable stations
Colleges and universities
Government agencies
Human resources departments
In-house agencies
Internet service providers
National radio/TV networks
Nonprofit organizations
Photographic services
Public relations agencies
Publishing companies
Radio stations
Retail stores
State/regional networks
Television stations
Trade associations
Video production companies

According to NACE Salary Survey, January 2015:

Bachelor’s Degree Candidates
Average Yearly Salary Offers as of 2017: $51,925

Master’s Degree Candidates
Average Yearly Salary Offers as of 2017: $67,364

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Career Center
Located in the Harre Union, Valpo's Career Center offers personal career counseling, networking events and career fairs, and an ongoing workshop series.