Yeohyun Ahn, MFA

Assistant Professor of Communication

Professor Yeohyun Ahn uses class projects to transform her students’ sense of what they are capable of. The projects stretch students’ technical abilities and also their sense of the impact that they can have on the wider world.

“I think every student project is valuable,” Professor Ahn says. “I emphasize the social responsibility, as designers, to articulate the social issues and to present the possible solutions to the public through visual communication media.”

So, Professor Ahn assigns work that makes students engage with social issues. In Graphic Design, students create posters that address the issue of sexual harassment. Ahn’s 10 students all used Photoshop and Illustrator to create their own posters, which were later hung in Schnabel Hall. One student from China even translated the posters into Chinese.

Professor Ahn has a special fondness for web design, a field she worked in for many years before beginning to teach. In her Web Design course at Valpo, students finish the semester by creating a polished web presence for a local non-profit or small business. While students apply their knowledge of key practical skills — coding in HTML and CSS — they are also learning to communicate with a client and create a product that supports the client’s goals.

“I am creating a place for students to succeed and have an impact on the broader community,” Professor Ahn says.

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