Graduate Student Spotlight

Name: Auttumn Skye Martinez 

Hometown: Michigan City, IN

Your best experiences at Valpo and opportunities you have experienced that benefited your career goals: I have had the pleasure of being a camera operator with ESPN my entire time here at VU. I have also had the pleasure of being involved with: MLK Steering Committee, Dean’s List, IMC, Graduate School Social Media position, and GSAC. I have met amazing people from the start. I will be so sad not being able to see them every day after graduation. 

I love that my advisor and professors are always setting me up for success. They tell me where to apply my talents and I do so. This has created so many opportunities for me. They also tell me what areas to work on so I can better myself even more. I love constructive criticism. It’s what makes me a better person.

ESPN and many other opportunities have set me up for my now new career at WSBT-22. I am the Creative Producer who will be working with the creation of commercials. This involves me being behind the camera as well as editing the content. I am so honored to be given this opportunity and it is only the beginning.

Your dream job: Being the camera is what makes me happiest and I  just landed a full-time position doing so. I would love to eventually work my way up to working with TV shows, films, or ESPN live broadcasting. I am very happy I decided to go for my Master’s at Valpo. I have had never ending opportunities in my field. I have been able to network and get hands-on experience. I am so proud to be where I am today.


Name: Monicah Njoki Wainaina

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya.

Your best experiences at Valpo and opportunities you have experienced that benefit your career goals: I chose VU because it was one of the few universities offering the masters in Digital media program.  My best experiences have been exploring Chicago and Downtown Valparaiso with friends. I have had the privilege of being a graduate event ambassador, work at the graduate school as a student aide in the admissions office and intern at the study abroad office during the summer where I designed posters and created their new program flyers, assist with social media and work on the 50th anniversary Reutlingen and Cambridge web pages. Working and Interning has benefited my career goals in that it has made me more comfortable working on the back end of websites, think outside of the box when it comes to designing posters, flyers etc, improve my photography skills, given me more hands-on experience handling social media accounts and seeing what works and what doesn’t all of which have made me a better digital communicator and storyteller.

Your dream job: My dream job is to establish my own digital media company.