Student Spotlight

We wanted to recognize Communication students who work hard to go above and beyond coming to class and truly make a difference in the department, student media organization(s), and/or the community. As a parallel to our Alum Spotlight, our Student Showcase offers students an opportunity to lift up those who truly stand out, allows others an opportunity to conceptualize their academic path, and evoke inspiration through various careers that stem from a degree in Communication. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit a nomination for any student currently attending Valpo. Please email us with any questions or click here to nominate a student who stands out!

Student Spotlight: Elizabeth (Liz) Palmer

Q) What brought you to Valpo?

A) I received the Lilly Endowment Scholarship when I was a senior in high school and began looking at private universities instead of public like I had been. I was between Valpo and another private school in Indiana (Butler) but I fell in love with this community when I visited.

Q) What is your dream job?

A)  My dream job is something that doesn’t force me to have an identity in my work but still allows me to help others. Right now, that looks like community organizing and engagement and educating the public. 

Q) What are you involved in on campus?  

A)  I’m on council in Kappa Delta, the Opinions Editor for The Torch and the Director of Marketing for TEDxValparaisoUniversity.

Q) What did you want to do when you were 10?

A) When I was 10 I wanted to be a paleontologist. 🙂

Q) What is your favorite COMM class that you have taken so far?

A) My favorite COMM class I’ve taken this far has been Nicole Niemi’s Crisis Communications section of 490. She taught me a way of thinking that encapsulated my education at Valpo and I look at the way I communicate with others (and how people communicate in crises) so differently than I did before taking it. 

Q) What is the best piece of advice you have been given by a professor or student while at Valpo?

A)   I was talking with Professor Oren after class last semester about how to balance being a journalist (or any kind of communication professional) and the ethics of speaking my mind on my platforms. He said I didn’t seem like the person who would spend time with others who didn’t want me to be myself and stand up for what I believe in, so why would I waste time working somewhere that didn’t want me to be authentically me — especially in the context of human rights? That’s guided me through this year as I start seriously considering where to start applying post-graduation.

Q) What is your favorite memory from being at Valpo?

A) My favorite memory at Valpo was getting to produce the Institute for Leadership & Service’s podcast (“Podcast Meets Purpose”) while I was doing my communication internship. I got to fully experiment with interviewing incredible people and using technology to encapsulate their stories in ways that were relevant to Valpo students. That’s when I fell in love with storytelling and public education.  

Q) First feeling you had when you attended a gathering on campus? 

A) Alive 

Q) What internships have you had?

  • Legal intern at G.W. Berkheimer in Portage
  • Communication intern at Institute for Leadership & Service (Valpo)
  • Communication intern at Internews (CAPS Fellowship)

Q) What words of wisdom do you have for other students?

A) The only people who care about how far you overextend yourself are 1) the people who benefit from it and 2) yourself. There is absolutely no need to be the president of 5 organizations. Sit down and think about where your worth comes from outside of the work you do. Find an identity outside of your schedule and your resume will fall into place. 

Torch article: http://www.valpotorch.com/news/article_2b664876-a433-11ea-967c-6f7bbd433fb0.html