Women's Conference Planning Committee
Valparaiso University Student Group


Article I
The name of this organization shall be the Women’s Conference Planning Committee.

Article II
The purpose of this organization is to facilitate dialogue around gender and women’s issues by creating a positive women’s environment where people of any gender may feel safe to communicate and explore these issues. This will be accomplished through various events, including but not limited to conferences, panels, workshops, and an annual production of “The Vagina Monologues.” In addition, the committee will network where possible with other student organizations such as the Gender Studies Program, SAAFE, and Take Back the Night.

Article III
The organization as deemed necessary during the regular academic year.

Article IV
All VU students are eligible for voting membership in this organization. Also, the organization may seek the advice and/or assistance of faculty and community members. These members will have all the rights and responsibilities of full membership except for voting rights.

Article V
For a conference, the organization will be divided into the following sub-committees with a committee chair for each said sub-committee:
1. Workshop
2. Registration
3. Food
4. Publicity
5. Community Outreach
6. Finance
7. Speakers
8. Activities

Additionally, ad-hoc sub-committee(s) may be added when deemed necessary by the organization and when a majority of members in attendance consent to said sub-committee(s).

Duties of the above sub-committees will be outlined in the by-laws of this Constitution.

Chairs of the above-mentioned sub-committees will be chosen by consent of the majority of the organization’s members. They will serve for a term of one academic year, but may serve an unlimited number of terms.

For other events, coordinators will be chosen as necessary (or accepted as volunteers). It will their responsibility to create sub-committees or to delegate tasks.

Coordinators/Chairs may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of all members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Article VI
A faculty/staff person will serve as an advisor to the organization. The advisor will be chosen by consent of the majority of the organization’s members in attendance. S/he will serve for a term of one academic years, but may serve an unlimited number of terms.

Article VII
This constitution is flexible and may be amended to better meet the needs of campus. The advisor and any member(s) who has/have held a Coordinator/Chair position are empowered to make such changes. These will be finally amended by a 2/3 vote of members present at the next scheduled meeting.

BY-LAWS: For Conferences

1. Committees: There shall be eight (8) standing sub-committees, whose duties shall be defined below. The duties of each committee are the responsibility of all sub-committee members. Each chair shall oversee and organize said duties of that committee.

A. Workshop Sub-Committee
1. solicit workshop applications from campus and community members
2. contact selected presenters
3. make special arrangements for presenters, including, but not limited to, A/V equipment and presentation room size/environment
4. assign rooms to workshops
5. reserve/set-up rooms
6. clean up rooms after conference

B. Publicity Sub-Committee
1. locate graphic designer to create brochure
2. organized printing of brochures, signs, and flyers
3. hand campus signs and flyers
4. write and distribute press releases for local news
5. solicit articles in local newspapers
6. design, order, and sell t-shirts
7. hang campus signs on the day of the conference

C. Registration Sub-Committee
1. organize student/community registration process
2. communicate with registrants
3. track money (with assistance of Finance Sub-Committee)
4. confirm all off-campus registrants and distribute maps to them
5. prepare attendee name tags
6. compile information folders
7. staff registration tables at conference

D. Food Sub-Committee
1. seek donations
2. make arrangements for tables, chairs, etc.
3. take care of food delivery and set-up
4. clean up

E. Finance Sub-Committee
1. foundries from campus and non-campus sources
2. track and dispense funds

F. Activities Sub-Committee
1. solicit participants for Activities Fair
2. arrange day-care
3. organize Women’s History College Bowl
4. arrange Friday or Saturday evening program
5. organize Book Fair

G. Speakers Sub-Committee
1. research possible student speakers
2. research possible keynote speakers
3. organize morning and lunchtime welcomes
4. create evaluations

H. Community Outreach Sub-Committee
1. aid Publicity Sub-Committee with publicity in NW Indiana region
2. aid Finance Sub-Committee in community fundraising efforts
3. attend to any special needs of community attendees

2. Amendment of By-laws: The by-laws may be amended in the same way as the constitution at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Established Fall 1997
Last review: Spring 2002

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