The Care and Concern Committee (CCC) is composed of representatives from diverse departments across campus to proactively support and address the needs of students who have exhibited behaviors of concern or may become disruptive to the living, learning, or work environment of Valparaiso University.


The purpose of the Committee is to provide faculty, staff, and students a centralized place to report concerns about students who exhibit behaviors of concern, are disruptive to the campus environment, or need other assistance in the form of help identifying resources to address specific needs.  The team’s purpose is not intended to be reactive or punitive, but rather proactive, in order to identify students in distress and reach out to them before their issues become a crisis.

It is also expected that this approach will increase social connectedness among faculty, staff, and students.  As byproducts of this increased social connectedness, we expect to see increased student year-to-year retention rates, decreased disruptive behaviors, and increased satisfaction with the Valparaiso University student experience.


Students who may have suffered a significant life cycle loss, relationship crisis, illness, injury, hospitalization, personal or family problems, or resource insecurity affecting access to housing, food, academic books/supplies, or any other basic needs.

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