Tier 1: Basic Referrals

  • In person
  • By Email
  • Starfish


  • Academic performance Issues 
  • Referral based on student conversations:
    • TAOConnect: Student express normal of college anxiety, reluctant stunts to be referred here first
    • Student Affairs Offices as pertains to student needs
    • Ghandi-King Center (OMP & OIP: Student cultural needs or involvement)
    • TAO/Counseling in Starfish: Based on student conversation student will know which to visit for non-emergency stresses (death in family, divorce, work/school balance issues)


Tier 2: Specific Needs

  • Care and Concerns
  • Bias Incident
  • Sexual Assault: Title IX


  • Significant concerns with student behavior
  • Awareness of significant life event for the student (Death in family, Illness diagnosis)
  • Issues with basic needs (Housing, Food Insecurity, Transportation)
  • Discriminatory on or off campus
  • Anything related to Title IX violations


Tier 3: Crisis

  • VUPD
  • Counseling Center


  • Imminent Damage to self or others
  • Emergency health concerns 
  • Immediate aftermath of a sexual assault