Information for Parents and Loved Ones

Eligibility and Fees

Full-time undergraduate and DARC students who are currently enrolled are eligible for services. There is no charge for counseling.

For more information regarding our services please go here. For more information on how students can schedule a triage consultation appointment, please go here.


Our professional staff can be available to you for consultation by calling our office at 219.464.5002 and asking to speak to a therapist. If a therapist is not available at the moment, we will take your information and the next available therapist will contact you. We are happy to offer support and suggestions to you within the bounds of client confidentiality as you try to help your student get the help they may need. We view you as critical partners in encouraging your student’s well-being.

Professional Staff

We are a team of psychologists, counselors, graduate-level trainees, and a consulting psychiatrist, and we are committed to working with the broad range of concerns associated with college life. We will offer services within the scope of our licensing, credentials, and training as well as within the capacity of a university setting. In instances where a student’s needs are such that they require more specialized or comprehensive treatment, we will make the appropriate community referrals. Please know that we do not make such referrals because we are unwilling to help a student. Rather, we do so in attempt to ensure that a student will receive the help that they deserve from a provider who is best able to offer it.


We certainly understand that you may be concerned about your student, and want to know about the services that they may be receiving with us. While we are glad to talk with you and to take any insights or information you may have, we are required to maintain confidentiality of the student in accordance with our legal and ethical standards. This means that we cannot share any information with parents or loved ones, including whether your student has scheduled or attended an appointment with us, unless the student has provided written permission for us to do so.

For more information regarding our confidentiality policy, please go here.