Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention is a three-year project sponsored by the SAAFE Office, SAAFE Advocates, and Safe and Empowerment Houses. Our program is the result of our partnership with the national “Step Up” organization.

Bystander intervention is a way to ensure a safer campus and one in which the culture is about respect between and within genders. Using a model of intervention, it gives clarity and direction to those who find they are witnessing a risky situation involving others while also addressing the safest ways to intervene.

  1. Notice the Event
  2. Interpret the Event as a Problem or Emergency
  3. Assume Personal Responsibility
  4. Acquire the Skills to Intervene
  5. Implement the Help: STEP UP

How will you gain from learning about Bystander Intervention?

  • When faced with a situation that appears ripe for sexual assault to occur, you will have the skills to interrupt that environment and keep another person safe.
  • When faced with an ongoing incident involving sexual misconduct, you can use your skills to get help for the victim.
  • You will gain the skills necessary to speak out against a culture where sexual violence has a place to flourish and to promote a culture of respect and safety
  • You can learn how to support victims and survivors in a way that is helpful and positive as they work to regain normalcy and strength.
    If you are interested in training others on Bystander Intervention, please email Paula Dranger. Get involved! Intervene! Advocate!

For more information please contact the SAAFE office at 219-464-6860.