Our Mission and Purpose

  • We are a safe place, supporting all those affected by sexual abuse.
  • We believe communication is vital in relationships in the understanding and appreciation of gender differences.
  • We educate in order to build awareness of all issues dealing with sexuality.
  • We provide support and aid in healing.
  • We respect every individual’s need for confidentiality concerning these issues.

What is the SAAFE office?

Survivors of sexual assault experience extreme trauma physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They may experience varying degrees of depression and anxiety and may feel confused, afraid, alone, and ashamed. Those indirectly affected, such as roommates, friends, family, and significant others, may also experience the trauma and be unsure of what to do or how to help.

Our mission in the SAAFE Office is to be a support system for the individual and to inform and advise them through the process of healing. The SAAFE Office provides advocacy services to individuals (male and female) who are survivors of sexual assault. Advocates meet with survivors at their request at a confidential location and provide the survivor with information about their rights, options that exist in dealing with the assault, and support the survivor in their decision-making. All of this occurs within the realm of confidentiality.

The SAAFE Office provides referrals to campus and community resources (i.e. counseling, support groups, legal services, etc.). We also provide written resource material to aid in the process of healing.

The SAAFE Office provides facilitative outreach as a means of creating awareness and to aid in the prevention of assault. All student organizations and campus groups may request a variety of programs ranging from informational to interactive workshops on multiple topics.

All advocates have received 40 hours of training and are supervised by the assistant director of the SAAFE Office and under the umbrella of Counseling Services.