Sexual Assault Outreach

  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Cultural Response to Establishing a Violence-Free Campus
  • Social Justice and the SAAFE Office
  • The work of “Change”
  • The SAAFE/Empowerment House Concept
  • Issues with Respect to Sexuality
  • STIs
  • Community Resources
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • Communication Within and Between Genders
  • Sexual Assault & Eating Disorders
  • Risk Factors in Respect to the Above Topics
  • Healthy Choices
  • Women’s Issues in Respect to the Above Topics
  • Men’s Issues in Respect to the Above Topics
  • Other Sexual Assault-Related Topics

You may request a specific date and time or offer a list of optional dates and times. Do allow a minimum of two weeks before a program date. We look forward to meeting with you and your group as well as providing innovative, informational programs that will make your time with us worthwhile. Outreach requests will not be accepted the last two to three weeks of the semester.

For additional information, call x6860/SAAFE Office or email saafe.office@valpo.edu.

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