What We Do

An Advocate is a Valparaiso University student volunteer for the Sexual Assault Awareness and Facilitative Education Office (SAAFE). They have special training that enables them to be nonjudgmental supporters to all affected by a traumatic event. Advocates can work with survivors, friends of survivors, and perpetrators. Some assault survivors find Advocates helpful in processing their experience in a nonthreatening way. All interactions are completely confidential.

What can a SAAFE Office Advocate do for me?

  • Provide a peer’s perspective
  • Provide information and referrals to campus and community resources
  • Provide an informal, supportive, no-pressure relationship
  • Keep all matters confidential
  • Be available 24 hours a day to accompany and transport clients to counseling appointments and offer needed support
  • Help friends of an assault survivor understand how they can be supportive

What types of issues do SAAFE Office Advocates help with?

  • Sexual assault and abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Regretted sex
  • Sexuality issues
  • Substance use (alcohol, date rape drugs) and sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Abusive relationships
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)
  • Body image concerns and eating disorder issues