COVID-19 Dashboard

Due to the extremely high volume of emails, phone calls, vaccination services, testing services, new student intake (domestic and international), and non-COVID related student care services being provided by the Student Health Center, responses to inquiries from campus community members are unavoidably delayed. We appreciate your patience during this very busy time. 

Due to the unavoidable delays for these reasons, and delays in lab testing result timelines beyond our control, we hope to update the normal COVID dashboard as soon as we possibly can do that clearly and accurately.  When we can go back to that dashboard, it will be updated daily by 12pm.  Your understanding is appreciated should there be any delay due to volume right now. In the meantime, in an effort to share as much relevant and accurate information as possible, each weekday (prior to this restart of the dashboard), we will temporarily post a daily update for the community on this site (below). Valparaiso University continues to provide the safest possible environment for our faculty, staff, and students, much safer than current conditions off campus.

January 13, 2022 Update

  • Valparaiso University currently has an 11% COVID-19 positivity rate among reporting employees.
  • This is approximately 1/3 the rate of Porter County’s positivity rate of over 30%
  • Of the University’s 798 employees, 569 (71%) have completed the testing requirement.
  • Of the 569 reporting employees, 63 (11%) were positive.
  • Of the 569 completing the requirement, 442 (78%) used the on-campus clinic held January 7 and 8.
  • 55% of all 798 employees used the on-campus clinic.
  • Of the 442 tested on campus, 22 (5%) were positive for COVID-19.
  • The Campus Health Center has tests available to returning students. No positive cases have been reported through the Health Center administered tests. 
  • There are approximately 600 outside COVID test results reported to the University by students still being processed.
  • As of this afternoon there are 52 active student cases of COVID-19
    • 3.1% positivity rate for students
    • Compared to Porter county positivity rate of over 30%
    • Of the 52 currently active positive cases, we expect 33 to be resolved and able to leave isolation by end of the day on Sunday, January 16, 2022
  • There are currently six students in campus quarantine or isolation housing.

  • We are very pleased with the level of cooperation students have demonstrated in abiding by University return to campus expectations and policies.

  • The Student Health Center has provided (and will continue to) COVID testing options for students who have not been able to schedule a test already. Students can make a testing appointment via the Student Health Center web portal.

  • Student Life has been and will continue to notify faculty of any student who is going to be under the care of the Student Health Center and miss class due to illness via email.

  • 297 student COVID-19 tests have been administered by the University and/or their partners since Saturday, January 8, 2022
    • These tests resulted in 33 positive student cases & 264 negative student cases
  • 1,384 student COVID-19 tests have been reported by students that have been processed and verified by the University as part of the return to campus policy.
    • These tests have resulted in 39 active positive cases
    • 4.2% positivity rate for students
    • There are approximately 600 additional tests that have been submitted in the last 24-hours that are still pending verification and processing.

  • Students also reported 81 positive cases that occurred during the break period and that are no longer active and able to leave isolation.
  • Of the 72 currently active positive cases, 2 are in isolation in campus isolation/quarantine housing. 70 are in isolation at home/off-campus.

  • Of the 72 currently active positive cases, we expect 56 to be resolved and able to leave isolation by end of the day on Sunday, January 16, 2022