Creative Work and Research Committee

Committee Makeup 

The Committee on Creative Work and Research is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.  It is composed of nine (9) voting faculty members as well as the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Director of Faculty Development, and the Associate Director of Sponsored Research who serve as ex officio members.  The faculty members are drawn from each of the colleges as follows:  five (5) members from the College of Arts and Sciences and one (1) from each of the professional colleges.


In order to encourage creative work and research on the part of its faculty members, Valparaiso University offers opportunity for appropriate recognition and financial assistance for such work through award programs administered by the Creative Work and Research Committee.  These programs, for undergraduate faculty and students, include the following:

  1. University Research Professorships
  2. Wheat Ridge Ministries - O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund for research in the healing arts and sciences
  3. Kapfer Research Award (College of Arts & Sciences) - awarded biennially
  4. Summer Research Fellowships
  5. Expense Grants associated with Creative Work and Research
  6. Student and Faculty Undergraduate Expense Grants
  7. Undergraduate Summer Research Housing Grants
The President of the University and the Provost may also request the Committee on Creative Work and Research to assume additional responsibilities associated with faculty creative work and research.