Wheat Ridge Ministries - O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund for Research in the Healing Arts and Sciences

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For grant purposes, the healing arts and sciences are defined as any organized bodies of knowledge that have practical application to problems of physical, spiritual, and mental health.  This would include, but not be limited to, biology, chemistry, nursing, psychology, social work, sociology, and theology.  Research proposals will be eligible for consideration for a Wheat Ridge Ministries - O.P. Kretzmann Fund grant if they address themselves to questions of the analysis, diagnosis, and/or cure of problems of physical, spiritual, and mental health, irrespective of the academic department of the researcher.

Preference is given to those proposals that, in addition to satisfying the above criteria, hold promise of practical usefulness in the life and ministry of the church, particularly the Lutheran Church, and give emphasis to the theological implications of academic disciplines and life situations.  Grants are made by the President of the University upon recommendation of the Committee on Creative Work and Research augmented by a person chosen ad hoc by the President of the Wheat Ridge Ministries.  More information about Wheat Ridge Ministries, its mission, and its priorities can be found at www.wheatridge.org.

Any discoveries or inventions made in the course of research under a Wheat Ridge Ministries - O.P. Kretzmann Fund grant is the property, in equal shares, of the researcher, of Valparaiso University and of the Wheat Ridge Ministries.  The right to publish results of the research must belong exclusively to the researcher.

All faculty, with the exception of those in the Law School, with the rank of lecturer or above and who have served the University for at least three (3) academic years prior to the effective date of the appointment are eligible.

In awarding grants from this fund there must be no discrimination based on race, sex, color, or national origin.  Religious considerations may be taken into account to the extent of evaluating the potential value of the proposed research for the life and ministry of the church.  In the event no eligible requests for grants are received in any given year, that year's earnings on the fund will be added to the principal of the fund.

Up to three Wheat Ridge Ministries - Kretzmann Endowment Grants may be awarded.  Each carries a maximum award of $10,000. Applications for the Wheat Ridge Ministries - Kretzmann Fund shall be submitted to the Office of the Provost. Generally, all supporting documents are due by the last week of October. Specific dates can be found on the deadlines web page. 

The grant or grants shall include a stipend that will be paid at the end of the spring semester following the selection.  Grants will not be awarded for any project that in any way contributes toward the attainment of a degree.  All grant recipients shall file a detailed report of their work by October 1, following the year for which the award was granted.  A copy shall also be filed with Wheat Ridge Ministries and the researcher's department.