University Research Professorships

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The University Research Professorship program is designed to recognize and encourage scholarly accomplishments and creative work, and to award financial assistance to those faculty members who have demonstrated ability to conduct original research or produce creative work commensurate with their rank and years of teaching, and who are engaged in worthy projects.  The appointment to a University Research Professorship is made by the President of the University upon recommendation of the Committee on Creative Work and Research.  The Committee selects on the basis of the merit of the proposal (its originality and significance) and the applicant's capacity to execute the program of study.  The appointment to a University Research Professorship may or may not be financed with University funds.  Use of outside funds to execute a research project shall not preclude appointment to a University Research Professorship.  If the candidate to be appointed to the position of University Research Professor is engaged in the fine arts, the title "University Research Professor" shall be replaced by the title "Artist (Poet, Composer, Writer) in Residence."

A maximum of two (2) University Research Professorships may be awarded each year, and if none of the applications seems suitable no awards may be given.  Professorships provide one semester of full-time leave with pay or two semesters in the same academic year with half-time load, plus a stipend of $4,000.  The stipend will not be subject to retirement benefits.  Colleges to which the faculty recipient belongs will receive $15,000 from the Office of the Provost in compensation for the leave, but the expenditure of the funds is controlled by the dean of the college.

The deadline for the receipt of the application and all supporting documents is October 15.  To be eligible for an appointment as University Research Professor an applicant must:

  1. hold the rank of lecturer or above with full-time, continuing appointment;
  2. have demonstrated the ability to do creative work or conduct original research, such as that required for the terminal degree in his field;
  3. be tenured or have served the University in a full-time capacity for at least three (3) academic years prior to the effective date of the appointment;
  4. have attempted to obtain outside funding.

A University Research Professor shall file with the Office of the Provost one (1) copy of a report on the work done during the year of the appointment as University Research Professor; this report is normally due by October 1, following the period for which the award was granted.  The report should be significantly comprehensive.

To give the widest possible support to creative work and research, the Committee will normally give preference to a new candidate.  A faculty member who has held a University Research Professorship may be considered for another appointment three (3) or more years after the original appointment has terminated.