Student and Faculty Undergraduate Research Expense Grants

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These awards are sponsored by the Valparaiso University Guild.  The motivation for these awards is to enhance and facilitate more undergraduate research at Valparaiso University.  Annually, $10,000 will be available in support of undergraduate research: $5,000 for faculty development and support; $5,000 for student expenses.

Faculty Development:

The funds will support up to about five awards each year with a hard cap of $1,000 each.  If awarded, faculty can use these funds:

  1. To develop new courses that incorporate undergraduate research,
  2. To enact curricular revisions that enhance undergraduate research on campus,
  3. To initiate innovative plans to stimulate undergraduate research across programs or departments, and/or
  4. To cover expenses and modest stipends associated with such courses and projects. 

The deadline for spring semester grants is the last week of November. The deadline for summer and fall semester grants is the last week of February.  Specific dates can be found on the deadlines web page. Details about formatting and submission forms are available above. 


All faculty, with the exception of those in the Law School, with the rank of lecturer or above are eligible. Visiting faculty are also eligible, as are adjunct faculty who have completed three years of service with the University.