While Valparaiso University has primarily an undergraduate teaching mission, the institution advocates and fosters a climate of systematic inquiry by supporting faculty and student research, and by encouraging faculty-student collaboration on projects.  Research at Valparaiso University embodies many kinds of activities, from review of pertinent literature, as well as fine arts performance and analysis, to the specification and conduct of projects of inquiry.  Some of these activities may lead to publication; all enrich classroom instruction by expanding the professor's awareness of the complexity and richness of life through the development of new analytical perspectives.  In other words, research informs good teaching.

In order to encourage creative work and research on the part of its faculty members, Valparaiso University offers opportunity for appropriate recognition and financial assistance for such work through award programs, including the following:

  1. University Research Professorships
  2. O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund for research in the healing arts and sciences
  3. Kapfer Research Award (College of Arts & Sciences)
  4. Summer Research Fellowships
  5. Expense Grants associated with Creative Work and Research
  6. Undergraduate Research, Faculty Development, and Faculty/Student Expense Grants
  7. Undergraduate Summer Research Housing Grants